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National Hydropower Scenario
e-RG Nepal intends to develop digital hubs of hydropower on its website containing the hydropower scenario around the globe. The main objective is to highlight the significance and important of hydropower in overall development of the country and to meet ever increasing energy demand.

It is an ambitious project undertaken by e-RG Nepal and will take some years to fully develop it. However, to start with, e-RG Nepal is providing the hydropower scenario of Nepal as first step to ward its goal.

Advantages of Hydropower
  1. Non- polluting, clean and environment friendly
  2. A renewable source of energy
  3. Cost of generation, operation and maintenance is lower than the other sources of energy
  4. Ability to start and stop quickly and immediate load acceptance/rejection makes it suitable to meet peak demand and for enhancing system reliability and stability
  5. Long operating life
  6. Cost of generation is free from inflationary effects after the initial installation
  7. Storage based hydro schemes provide benefits of flood control, irrigation, drinking water supply, navigation, recreation, tourism and aquaculture, and
  8. Opening of avenues for development of remote and backward areas.
Hydropower in Nepal
Energy consumption is one of the main indicators of development of a country and hydropower is one of the cleanest and most reliable sources of energy. Nepal is blessed with immense amount of hydro-electric potential and ranks 2nd in terms of water resources after Brazil on global scenario. Nepal is endowed with economically exploitable hydro-power potential to the tune of 42000 MW of installed capacity out of total hydro potential of 83000 MW. Nepal's immense hydropower potential needs to exploit in broadening the market that is developing in the domestic and regional areas.

Despite the immense hydropower potential in Nepal, only 40 % of its population have access to electricity including 33 % from NEA grid and 7 % from other alternative source of energy( NPC 10th Plan).

Existing Major NEA's Hydropower Plant Under NEA Operation
S.N. Name of the Plant Installed Capacity (MW) Year of
1. Trishuli Hydropower Station, Nuwakot 24 1967/1696
2. Sunkoshi Hydropower Station, Sindhupalchowk 10.05 1972
3. Gandak Hydropower Station, Nawalparasi 15 1979
4. Kulekhani I Hydropower Station, Makwanpurt 60 1982
5. Devighat Hydropower Station, Nuwakot 14.1 1984
6. Kulekhani II Hydropower Station, Makwanpur 32 1986
7. Marsyangdi Hydropower Station, Tanahu 69 1989
8. Puwa Khola Hydropower Station, Ilam 6.2 1999
9. Modi Khola Hydropower Station, Parbat 14.8 2000
10. Kali Gandaki "A" Hydroelectric Department, Syangja 144 2002
11. Chatara Hydropower Station 3.3 1996
12. Panauti Hydropower Station 2.4 1965
13. Seti Hydropower Station, Kaski 1.5 1985
  Total 1.5  
Source: A year in Review FY 2004/05, Nepal electricity Authority

Existing Major Hydropower Plant Under Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
S.N. Name of the Plant Installed Capacity (MW) Name of Company
1. Andhikhola Hydropower Station, Synagja 5.1 Butwal Power Company Ltd.
2. Jhimruk Hydropower Station, Pyuthan 12 Butwal Power Company Ltd.
3. Khimti Khola I Hydropower Station, Dolakha 60 Himal Power Company Ltd.
4. Upper Bhotekoshi Hydropower Station, Sindhupalchowk 36 Bhotekoshi Power Company Ltd.
5. Syange Khola Small Hydropower Station, Lamjung 0.18 Sange Budhyut Company Ltd.
6. Chilime Hydropower Station, Rasuwa 20 Chilime Hydropower Company Ltd.
7. Indrawati III Hydropower Station, Sindhupalchowk 7.5 National Hydropower Company
8. Piluwa Khola Hydropower Station, Sankhuwasabha 3 Arun Valley Hydro Power Development Company
9. Chaku Khola Hydropower Station, Sindhupalchowk 1.5 Alliance Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
10. Sun Koshi Small Hydropower Station, Sindhupalchowk 2.6 Sanima Hydro Power Company
11. Rairang Hydropower Station, Dhading 0.5 Rairang Hydro Power Development Company Ltd.
  Total 148.38  
Source: Power Trading Department, NEA, Aug. 2005

Planned and Proposed Hydropower Project for Implementation
S.N. Name of the Proposed Project Capacity (MW)
1. Seti (West) 750
2. Arun 3 402
3. Budhi Gandaki 600
4. Kali Gandaki No. 2 660
5. Lower Arun 308
6. Upper Arun 335
7. Karnali (Chisapani) 10,80
8. Upper Karnali 300
9. Chamelia 30
10. Pancheswor 6480
11. Thulo Dhunga 25
12. Tamur/Mewa 101
13. Dudh Koshi (Storage) 300
14. Budhi Ganga 20
15. Rahughat Khola 27
16. Likhu-4 40
17. Kabeli "A" 30
18. Upper Marsyangdi "A" 121
19. Kulekhani No. 3 14
20. Andhi Khola (Storage) 180
21. Khimti II 27
22. Upper Modi 14
23. Langtang khola (Storage) 218
24. Madi Ishaneswor (Storage) 86
25. Upper Seti (Storage) 122
26. Kankai (Storage) 60
27. Upper Tama Koshi 309
28. Upper Modi "A" 42
29. Hewa Khola 10
  Total 22,435
Source: A year in Review FY 2004/05, Nepal electricity Authority

Private Sector Participation
Independent Power Producers (IPPs) from the private sector are now influential players for hydropower generation in Nepal with total installed capacity of 140.4 MW (26.5 %). Besides, over a dozen small hydropower projects that are in different stages of progress have been cleared to interconnect with the NEA grid and sell all their generation to NEA.

Power Purchase Agreement with IPPs under Construction
S.N. Company Name of the River Location (District) Capacity (MW)
1. Gautam Buddha Hydropower Ltd. Sisne Khola Palpa 0.75
2. Unique Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. Baramchi Khola Sindhupalchowk 0.99
3. Khudi Hydropower Khudi Khola Lamjung 3.45
4. Lower Nyadi Hydroelectric Project Lower Nyadi Lamjung 4.50
5. Molnia Power Pvt. Ltd. Mailung Khola Rasuwa 5
6. Gitech Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Upper Modi Khola Kaski 1.40
    Total   28.69

Power Purchase Agreement with IPPs under Pipeline for Construction
S.N. Company Name of the River Location (District) Capacity (MW)
1. Adishakti Hydropower Development Company Pvt. Ltd. Tadi Khola Nuwakot 0.97
2. Khoranga Khola Hydropower Phene Khola Panchthar 0.99
3. Thoppal Khola Hydropower Company Thoppal Khola/td> Dhading 1.4
4. East Nepal Development Endeavor Pvt. Ltd. Upper Mai Khola Ilam 3
5. Gandaki Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. Mardi Khola Kaski 3.10
6. Sunkoshi Hydropower Company Pvt. Ld. Lower Indrawati Khola Sindupalchowk 4.50
7. The Gorkha Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Dharam Khola Parbat 5
8. Annapurna Group Pvt. Ltd. Madi Khola Kaski 10
9. Kantipur Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. Langtang Khola Rasuwa 10
    Total   38.96
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Download PDF of Hydro Nepal
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