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About Us


eRG Nepal is familiar with the legal requirements and procedures for environmental studies and its approval as per Environment Protection Act, 1997 (EPA 2053) and Environment Protection Rules, 1997 (EPR, 2054) of Nepal as well as with the policies and guidelines of major international donors regarding environmental and social aspects of hydropower generation and transmission line projects.


Empowering the power through supporting for socially sustainable and environment-friendly generation of hydroelectric power.


  • The Company’s mission is to be one Our_Missionof the leading Nepalese Company with cutting edge competence in the field of environmental studies, mitigation management and monitoring of developmental projects, particularly the hydropower generation and transmission line projects.
  • Instituting and strengthening the process to ensure socially sustainable and environment-friendly development of hydropower projects through sound and equitable environmental management.


  • goalEnvironmental study and management of developmental projects with professional delivery at competitive cost;
  • Development of digital database of hydropower projects and professionals of Nepal;
  • Promotion of environmental and social awareness among the key stakeholders including the local communities of hydropower development projects;
  • Provide support for creating conducive environment for the generation of clean and green energy.

Corporate Philosophy

Poverty and the environment are closely linked and have direct and inclusive relationship with each other in developing countries. The poor are strongly dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods and are particularly vulnerable to environmental stress and disasters. Likewise, development and environmental protection are interdependent and indivisible. Developmental initiatives are required to address poverty of developing countries.

presentation-24944_640eRG Nepal prudently believes that sound and equitable environmental management is a prerequisite for sustainable development and for effective and sustained poverty reduction. To achieve the goal of sustainable development, sound environmental management shall constitute as an integral part of the development process.

There is also need to see that environment and development is interdependent and interrelated, and need to go beyond the notion of the environment as a restriction on development.

Management Policy

The management policy of eRG Nepal is based on high degree of professionalism integrity” to deliver “sound and satisfied services to the clients” as a “mark of excellence”.